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Summer of Service and Training ~ SST

16 yrs and up. No age cap!

Jesus at 12 years of age was already taking deep ownership of the family business (Luke 2). We’ve been invited to rise up to a place of great authority, seated in heavenly places (Eph 2:6) with Jesus to bring His Kingdom culture to a planet that desperately needs it. No matter where you are, just look down at your feet and realize that that’s your missional field. We have been commissioned already to go and make disciples of all nations, submerging the nations with God’s love. And all of this from a place of great authority because of Jesus. (Matt 28:18-20). Join us this summer for an intense week of discipleship and missions training. Your life will never be the same! - Carlos Penning, Director of YWAM Chico

There will be swimming and other outdoor activities. Be sure to bring swimwear, summer attire, a sleeping bag, pillow, toiletries, and your Bible.

Deposit is $40 and the final payment is due July 16th.

Questions? Contact Casey Gibbs at casey.gibbs.bsba@gmail.com, 541.840.7194 or Kerry Alderson at Kerry@edgewaterfellowship.org, 541.226.8505


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  • Jul 26
    8:00 am
    Jul 30
    1:00 pm
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